Digital Marketing
Through Storytelling

Adam Crookes believes in the power of storytelling.
Every business and every individual has a story.
The question is, how do you tell it?


Producing video content which tells a story and meets your business objectives. Working across all phases of development – from research to post-production to launch.

Scripted Narrative 


Producing editorial content which tells a story and meets your business objectives. Whether you’re looking for a podcast, long-form written articles or motion graphics.

Editorial Articles
Motion Graphics


Implementing a digital content strategy which tells a story across your social media accounts, whilst meeting your business objectives.

Digital Content Strategy
Social Media Strategy

Adam works with some great people..

Producing original digital content for clients. Including editorial content for press campaigns and commissioned video productions. 


Storytelling Experience

In October 2015, Adam launched CROOKES Magazine – a digital publication which has since become a sought after platform to showcase rising stars in TV, Film & Music.

Adam also has experience working with an independent production company. Creating a range of digital video content for broadcast networks and other commerical entities – across all phases of development.

Storytelling for Small Businesses..

When a brand can build an emotional connection with the consumer, the business potential is unlimited. This is the power of storytelling. Adam can help you achieve your business objectives by producing digital content with a story at its core.

Storytelling with Digital Marketing

The underlying structure of every effective story is almost identical.
Humans tell stories to create and change perceptions.


All stories are made of stories, and are part of bigger stories. Adam can produce multiple pieces of digital content which collectively and separately craft a reinforced perception of your brand.


We tell stories to create and change perceptions. When consumers have the right perception of your brand, the business potential is unlimited. 

Free Quotes For Small Businesses

Whether you have a marketing budget of £500 or £5000, Adam knows how to bring value to your brand.